Historical Evolution

Historical Evolution

1958:Machinery and Electrical Department of Metallurgical College was founded and undergraduate program of Industry Automation was included

1970:Automation Department of Central South Metallurgical College was founded and undergraduate program of Electronics was included

1978:The first batch of students for Master Degree was recruited nationwide

1981:Accredited to confer master degree of Industrial Automation and Computer Application

1985:The Department of Automation Engineering and Department of Computer Science and Technology were founded.

1993:Accredited to confer doctor degree of Control Theories and Engineering

1995:The department of automatic control engineering and the department of computer science were merged to form the school of information engineering of central south university of technology,undergraduate program of Electronic Information Engineering was set up

2000:Awarded bachelor degree of measurement and control technology and equipment

2001:Approved to establish post-doctoral research station of Control Science and Engineering

2002:The School of Information Science and Engineering of Central South University was created since amalgamation of three universities(Central South University of Technology、Changsha Railway University、Computer Center of the Hunan Medical University)

2003:The disciplines of Control and Engineering and traffic engineering and control were authorized to confer Ph.D.degree,master's degree programs of Power system and Automation, Electrician Theory and New Technology, were approved

2007:The disciplines of the Control Theory and Control Engineering, Traffic Information Engineering and Control were approved to be national key disciplines, the undergraduate major of Electrical Engineering and Automation was also created

2010:Awarded bachelor degree of intelligent science and technology

2013:Professor GUI Weihua was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

2018:The primary discipline of Control Science and engineering was authorized for master and doctoral degree, and awarded as A minus in the first-level discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

2019:School of automation was founded by the approval of Central South University

2020:School of automation is starting its new chapter



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